There are many reasons why you should invest in landscaping your yard properly. For instance, a well-landscaped yard can boost a home’s value by 5.5 to 12.7%. Apart from that, landscaping your yard can have some functional benefits too. For instance, there are things you can do when landscaping to prevent flooding.

Level a sloping yard

Sloping can create a problem with how water moves in your yard. To avoid incoming water, you should always ensure that the ground slopes away from your home. As you are landscaping, identify your yard’s high and low points and find ways to ensure your yard is sloped away from your house. You can even use rubble and dirt to ensure your house is on higher ground. This will ensure that when it rains, or when the snow melts, the water won’t flow in the direction of your house. It’s not advisable to go at this DIY. Instead, find a professional landscaper who knows about drainage solutions to help you direct the water away from your home.

Plant New Grass

Having a lot of grass in your yard can minimize the impact of floods. If the grass has a deep root network, this can help absorb water and prevent it from flooding. You must consult a landscaping specialist to find out how you can employ grass as one of your drainage solutions. There are types of grass that would be most effective for those purposes. Once the grass is planted, ensure that the root system is strong.

Divert Rain Spouts

This is one of the most effective drainage solutions to avoid flooding. You must have downspouts in your yard that redirect water from the gutters. Diverting water this way will help prevent pools and puddles, which can collect closer to walls. There are many types of rain spout diverters that you can buy from your local hardware store.

Without these landscaping tips, rain can quickly run across your yard and end up flooding your property. Unfortunately, floods can cause a lot of damage which will cost a lot of money to repair. As such, it is important to implement these landscaping tips and ensure that you don’t end up with floods on your property.