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We can help you create the patio of your dream for your home in Austin, Tx. Patios are a great place to relax and enjoy the outdoors while still being somewhat protected from grass and bugs. Although we work with all materials for patios, we specialize in masonry projects for them which can help you create a beautiful space using various stone materials. We specialize in masonry not only because of its beauty and the wide variety of options it provides but also because of its durability. While materials such as wood can experience damage from the elements, the stones we use in our masonry patios are durable and will stand the test of time.


Planning Your Patio

The first step in building any patio in Austin, Tx is of course the planning stages. We will discuss your options with you and help you decide which material to use, although as mentioned earlier, we specialize in masonry patios. When planning the patio we will consider things such as drainage and weed control. Because we specialize in drainage in addition to hardscaping and landscaping, we are prepared to consider all the drainage needs of your patio, including making sure to include a slope in it. If you would like, we can also add a distinctive masonry design around the border of the patio for extra beauty.


What We Do For Patios

At Austin Drainage and Landscape Development, we know that you want your patio to be the best one in Austin, Tx and we want the same thing for you. That is why we will use the highest quality stone materials. We will work with you during every step of the selection process for the stones, making recommendations of what will well together or be ideal for your area. Our experienced professionals will do all the planning, construction and installation of your patio, leaving you worry free.

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Hardscape Patios Back of House Patio

Hardscape Patios Back of House Patio

A beautiful hardscape patio on the back of a house. Back of house - Hardscape Patio Contact Austin Drainage + Landscape Development today for a Free Estimate. See a recent project below.

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