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Tree Protection in Austin, TxTree Protection

We provide tree protection in Austin, Tx. Just because your home or property is undergoing construction does not mean that your trees have to suffer. We understand that your trees are an integral part of your landscape for your own enjoyment, creating shade, attracting wildlife and increasing the energy efficiency in your home by protecting it from the harsh Austin, Tx sun. The problem is, however, that trees do not do well with construction so appropriate steps need to be taken. If not protected properly, even your oldest and sturdiest trees may experience some sort of damage, ruining your enjoyment of them and possibly even affecting the value of your property. Planning ahead will save your trees and in the end save you money as you will not need to replace them. Call the best tree protection provider at (512) 453-4932


Damage Prevented By Tree Protection

Depending on the intensity of the construction in question, there are many different ways that your trees could be accidentally damaged. The most obvious damage can occur if some of the large construction equipment or even construction materials make an impact with the trees, damaging their trunks, tearing their bark or splitting limbs and branches. In addition, some construction projects in Austin, Tx may require digging up areas of your yard, destroying either the trees or their root systems. Construction machinery and debris may even affect the quality of the soil.


How We Help Protect Your Trees

Luckily if you want your trees to survive your construction, we are able to help you. We will follow the city codes of Austin, Tx and protect your trees by setting up construction fences. These fences can be used to either protect general areas of your property or even specific trees that are at high risk. We will also be able to use our landscaping knowledge to give you suggestions of what else you can do to work with the construction crew and reduce the risk of damage to the soil or roots of the trees. If you prefer, we can even communicate directly with your builder in order to ensure that your trees have the highest chance of survival possible. Although your trees face risks during construction, Austin Drainage and Landscape Development can help you reduce those risks. Call the tree protection professionals at (512) 453-4932