Xeroscape Landscaping Installation in Austin, Tx


Xeriscaping is a type of dry landscape design that makes it ideal for desert climates such as Austin, Tx where water supplies are limited. Instead of using the plants found in other areas of the country that require a great deal of water, xeriscaping focuses on using native plants and drought resistant ones that require much less. Because of this, it allows you to save on your water bill and help reduce your influence on the decreasing water supply in the area. In addition to using plants that require less water, xeriscaping recommends that you group plants with similar water needs together, which will help you further conserve water. Call us today for a landscape contractor to get started.


Xeriscaping Works

In order for xeriscaping to work, there are seven key principles that you need to follow and we can help you with. They are: design and planning, the soil analysis, creating practical turf areas, choosing the right plants, having an efficient irrigation system, using mulch and completing the appropriate maintenance of the plants. We will help you with all of these areas, of which one of the most important is planning. Keep in mind that because xeriscaping uses local plants and even within Texas the native plants can vary, the plants we recommend for you will be those that are specifically native to Austin, Tx.

As mentioned earlier, we will help you with all stages of the xeriscaping process, but our most crucial role is in the planning stages. That is because despite limiting your plant selection to those native to Austin, Tx you will still have a wide variety of options available, making your decision of which ones to use difficult. We will also help you set up your efficient irrigation system to give your xeriscaped area the water it needs, most likely a drip irrigation system as these are the most efficient.
If you want to conserve water, Austin Drainage and Landscape Development is the best choice to help you get a beautiful landscape while doing so.