Retaining Walls

Retaing Wall made of rock

Retaining Walls

For homes that have land with varying heights and levels in Austin, TX., retaining wall installations would be considered ideal.  Retaining walls are any type of structure, generally a wall that holds back water, dirt and other materials. They are usually used in order to prevent erosion and the collapse of ground that is on a higher level onto that of a lower level.  In addition to keeping the differing levels of the yard from collapsing or eroding on top of each other, retaining walls can add a certain element of beauty to your landscape by creating the effect of steps instead of a slope. Call the best Retaining Wall provider at (512) 453-4932


Types Of Retaining Walls

There are a wide variety of retaining walls available, including stacked limestone, gabion and steel plate walls in addition to other options. One of the most popular options is treated wood because of its beauty. A concern with this type of retaining wall in Austin, TX, however, is that they run the risk of a termite infestation or rot. A much sturdier option is concrete as it can last for a much longer amount of time and is guaranteed to stand up to the stress of the earth. The one thing to keep in mind with concrete walls, however, is that they must be dug into the ground instead of simply placed on top to ensure stability. Using paver stones or blocks (such as limestone) is a similar idea to concrete but does not require digging into the ground.


Why Hire A Landscape Company

Retaining walls are one of the landscaping features that seem relatively easy to install but that does not mean that you should not hire a professional in Austin, Tx to do the job for you. Keep in mind that while they can be aesthetic, structure and stability is the most important element in any retaining wall in order to ensure that they are able to cope with the pressure of the land. Because of this, it is important to hire a trained professional, such as those at Austin Drainage and Landscape Development to complete the installation for you. We will also be able to provide suggestions of the retaining wall options that work best for your land. Call the Retaining Wall Professionals at (512) 453-4932