Concrete and Pavers

Hardscape Concrete in Austin, TxConcrete And Pavers

When creating the hardscape for your home in Austin, Tx, one of the features that you cannot overlook is the paths that you create, which can include anything from a walking path to your driveway. You want your path to be not only functional, but beautiful as well and luckily we can help you with that using either concrete or pavers. Concrete is generally poured directly into the format of the path, meaning it will be made up of larger solid pieces. Pavers, however, are individual stones, frequently made of concrete as well, that will be interlocked in order to create your desired path.


Size And Shape With Concrete And Pavers

One of the main options you will have when creating a path with pavers or concrete in Austin, Tx is the shape of the pavers themselves. You will be able to find a wide variety of shapes ranging from the basic rectangular ones all the way to complex shapes like wedges. Size is another one of the options when creating a path with pavers, but we recommend that for larger areas, such as driveways, you choose larger pavers as these will help create a proportional look for the area. We can help you choose the right concrete or pavers to make your path or driveway look the best it can.



After we help you choose whether to use concrete and pavers and which ones you would like to have for your feature, we will do all the installation for you. To ensure that the pavers do not fall out of place, we will make sure to interlock them carefully. At Austin Drainage and Landscape Development we usually recommend pavers that interlock on fully for paths that will be well-used such as driveways. No matter what you need concrete and pavers for in Austin, Tx we can help you plan and install them to your satisfaction.