Rock Work

Hardscape Rock Work for Austin, Tx HomesHardscapes & Rock Work

When improving your landscape in Austin, Tx, it is easy to focus on just the living things on the property such as plants and flowers. However, it is important to consider the inanimate objects as well, such as rock work. Rock work can be one of the most versatile types of hardscaping you can use for your garden. That is because rocks can be used to create any number of features that will add beauty to your yard. We have plenty of experience with rock work in Austin, Tx and can use that experience to create an amazing look for your yard. Using rocks can actually enhance the other features of your yard and even increase the value of your property by adding to its beauty.


Features Of Rock Work

As mentioned, rock work hardscaping is very versatile as it can include a large variety of features to enhance your Austin, Tx garden as well as use a variety of rocks. One of the most common ways to use rocks in your landscape is create a pathway, either a solid one or one made of stepping stones. This pathway will protect your plants from footsteps and if done correctly, can even add a beauty all its own. Another very common way to use rock work is to create stone walls or even retaining walls that when made of beautiful rocks can serve their purpose as well as add splendor to the garden.


How We Can Help With Your Hardscapes

At Austin Drainage and Landscape Development, we can help you create any feature you desire using rock work in Austin, Tx. These can be one of the features mentioned above or anything else ranging from a rock garden to a fire pit. We use our experience to help you choose the correct rocks and location of the given features. In addition, because of expertise in the field, we are able to ensure that your rock work will last for a long time so be sure to talk to us for more information.