Drainage Erosion Control

Landscape Erosion Control in Austin, TxErosion Control

Erosion control methods are generally used in either urban environments or natural areas in Austin, Tx. When they are found in more urban environments, their primary function is to serve as a key component of management programs for storm runoff water. In natural areas, they are designed more to protect the nature in the area from losing its soil. In both cases, these controls generally involve creating a physical barrier of some sort and we can help you do just that. If not prevented, soil erosion can end up being a costly problem as it can cause significant damage to not only the soil, but the surrounding areas as well as the water supplies.


Why Control Erosion

As just mentioned, erosion control is important because the erosion can cause damage to everything from the soil to the water supply. All this damage occurs because when erosion occurs to the soil in a given area, it will create a great deal of sediment that can clog your sidewalk or driveway and in large quantities even cause pollutants to enter rivers, streams and lakes in the Austin, Tx community. The sediments in the waterways can upset the balance of the ecosystem or even make the drinking water harder to purify. In addition, the erosion may cause damage to your property as it could cause plants without proper nutrients to die or expose your home’s foundation to the elements, making it more susceptible to damage.


How We Help

Luckily, although erosion is a natural phenomenon, it is easily controlled in such a way that it can be greatly reduced, leaving the water supplies clean and your home in Austin, Tx better protected from the elements. We offer a wide range of erosion control products and services that will either create a barrier between the soil and the potentially damaging rain or a barrier around the soil in question so it has nowhere to erode to, preventing the damage from occurring. We offer different types of barriers from synthetic options such as geotextiles to natural ones such as barriers made of straw or wood fibers and all are guaranteed to help prevent erosion so keep in mind that we at Austin Drainage and Landscape Development can help you keep your area clean and safe.