Stained Concrete

Stained Concrete Hardscapes in Austin, TxStained Concrete

Many people in Austin, Tx  choose to use stained concrete for the paved areas of their hardscape. The good news is that in addition to being inexpensive, stained concrete is very versatile as it can be produced in a variety of shapes as well as colors. This means that this type of concrete can easily blend with any other feature of your hardscape or even your home in Austin, Tx. Stained concrete is a great option if you want to add some color to your path but still have something durable, as concrete will last longer than materials such as wood or metal.


Stained Concrete Hardscape Options

As mentioned above, stained concrete can come in a wide variety of colors and shapes, allowing you to create the specific effect you desire for your hardscape in Austin, Tx. Stained concrete can be create in two ways: the color can be added to the concrete mix or we can create the same effect using an acid base staining technique. Both methods will give you many color options so be sure to talk to us about which type of stained concrete is for you. In addition, we can help you create your feature using either large slabs of concrete or smaller sections, such as squares or diamonds that are interlocked creating a beautiful pattern.


What We Do With Stained Concrete

At Austin Drainage and Landscape Development we are able to help you with every step of the process from choosing the concrete itself to the physical hardscape installation. We will help you decide how you want the stained concrete to look and which options are best for your home or business in Austin, Tx. We will of course complete the installation for you, as this needs to be done carefully in order to ensure that the concrete lasts for a long time. If you are looking to create a path or pave your driveway using stained concrete, contact us right away.