Dry Creek

Dry Creek Landscaping Installation in Austin, Tx

Dry Creek

Dry creeks are the perfect way to add beauty to your landscape design in Austin, Tx without using any water- which is ideal. That is because a dry creek is like a creek but without the water, meaning instead it simply creates the illusion of where a creek could flow. In addition to adding beauty to your landscape design, see a landscape contractor to provide a drainage solution for your yard, reducing the possibility of erosion and damage to your plants during heavy rainfalls. The best part about dry creeks is that once we set them up for you, they require no maintenance as all you have to do is leave the rocks in place. Call the best Dry Creek Landscaping provider at (512) 453-4932

How We Dry Creeks

Creating a dry creek can be a complicated process for those who do not know what they are doing, but luckily we are experienced in creating these features in Austin, Tx so can easily complete every step of the task. In order to make your dry creek a success, we will choose a location on a natural drainage path or an artificial one such as underneath a rain gutter. We will then dig out the creek bed for you, making sure to create a slope for water to flow down, adding curves to give it a natural look. We then add a barrier along the path to keep weeds out of the creek bed and finally add heavy rocks to the sides.

How We Help

Because we are experienced in installing creek beds in the Austin, Tx area, we will be able to easily complete the project for you. Keep in mind that although some steps may seem easy, it is best to leave it to a professional as choosing the right path for the creek bed is crucial to ensuring it serves its dual purpose as a drainage system during rain fall. Dry creeks are just one of the ways Austin Drainage and Landscape Development can help you beautify your landscape without water. Call the Dry Creek Landscaping professionals at (512) 453-4932