If your yard is landscaped then it’s very easy for poor drainage issues to affect the quality of your yard. This can affect your homes foundation, cause potential health issues and can affect your overall property value.  Problems with drainage are often ignored until the problems have become severe. A drainage contractor is helpful in determining a solution to common drainage problems in your backyard. When you are ready to address the standing water issues in your yard, give us a call at 512-453-4932 today.

Drainage Problems

Drainage problems can cause major damage to your home. There are several causes of drainage problems in your yard, here are a few that we’ve noticed to occur with frequency in the yards of various clients in the Austin, TX area.

Dirt and Debris in Yard Drain

In the fall, it becomes very easy for dirt and debris to enter your yards drain. When leaves begin to dry and fall from the trees, they often tend to clog up the drain grate. You can easily prevent problems from occurring in your yard with basic fall maintenance. When the Spring season emerges, make sure that your yard drains are cleaned of any sediment, leaves or grass clippings.

Low Lying Areas Cause Drainage Issues

Generally affected areas of the lawn usually have no drainage system or are poorly designed at the onset. Often, if it’s not your own yard causing the flooding, time has proven that often your neighbor’s sprinkler systems can often be the cause of the standing water and flooding in your yard. There are some rare cases when a dislodged sanitary home drain line begins to seep waste water to outside the house itself. Wastewater seepage is a severe health risk issue that should be addressed immediately, which is why it’s important to get in touch with drain contractors as soon as possible to evaluate your yard flooding issues.

Stagnant or Standing Water

Pools of standing water in your yard is sign of a serious yard drainage problem. If you have standing pools of stagnant water in your yard, you could possibly have a number underlying drainage issues. Some of the common issues that we’ve noticed are:

  • Soil with a high clay content
  • Poor yard grading.

If your yard is heavy in clay, it could call for a complete site inspection and possibly a new drainage plan created. The proper drainage solution can include a complete excavation large areas of the lawn. In areas with high rainfall or flash flooding, like what we get in Central Texas,  pools of standing, standing water will make your yard unsightly at a minimum. But what’s a more pressing issue with standing water is that it is a place where dangerous filth bugs breed, mosquitoes , maggots, and more. Mosquitoes can be carriers of of certain diseases like Zika and West Nile Virus. Stagnant water is a serious issue that must be addressed immediately in every yard.

Common Drainage Problems Can Be Solved

With the proper drainage plan, stagnant, standing water can be addressed and repaired immediately. With the help of yard drainage experts Austin Drainage + Landscape Development you can fix your common drainage problems. Call us at 512-453-4932 for help today.