Stone Retaining Wall

Protect Your Landscaping With a Stone Retaining Wall

Does your yard feature sharp drop-offs or changes in elevation? If you care about the integrity of your landscaping and the soil, then you should consider investing in a retaining wall. While there are many different types of retaining walls out there, ones made of stone come with many unique benefits. At Austin Drainage + Landscape Development, we are the local experts for a stone retaining wall and can help get your home outfitted with a custom retaining wall to fit your needs.


Retaing Wall made of rock

Top Benefits of Stone Retaining Walls

As we said, there are many benefits you will enjoy after having a stone retaining wall installed on your property. As the materials being used are so sturdy, these kinds of retaining walls provide immense structural support to keep the ground in place. This will help prevent any of your soil from sliding downhill, potentially causing that could damage to your property or land. Since a stone retaining wall helps to keep your soil in place, it is also helpful in preventing erosion.

Stone retaining walls are, of course, aesthetically pleasing as well. They can elevate the overall look of your land, especially when you work with landscape design specialists to help match your retaining wall to your home. Stone walls are beautiful on their own, but with the added greenery around them, they can truly help a house shine.

There are other functional advantages to adding a stone retaining wall as well. If your landscape or neighborhood is prone to flooding, you can have your stone wall outfitted with pipe and other irrigation features. This will help prevent massive amounts of flooring on your property that can destroy the vegetation and grass that is there.

Retaining walls also add a layer of privacy to your property. If you’re having a problem with a neighbor that has been encroaching on your land, a stone retaining wall is a firm way to prevent that. Not to mention, these walls can also add value to your home. In fact, according to Angi, retaining walls see an average ROI of about 100% to 200%.

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