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Masonry repair is a fine craft that takes years of dedication to master. Austin Drainage has been handling masonry repairs professionally for 10 years, ensuring that weathering and damage are mitigated, saving our happy customers countless headaches, and thousands of dollars.

Masonry repair requires a lot of knowledge, the right tools, and precision. The structural integrity of the stone, brick, concrete, or blocks is dependent on high quality, technical work. The kinds of jobs you would use a professional brick mason for include:

  • replacing or repairing bricks
  • renewing old weathered stone of walkways, stairs, walls etc.
  • filling in joints in old brickwork or masonry that have eroded or were not sufficiently filled

Masonry Repairs Are Costly and Taking Preventative Action Can Save You Thousands of Dollars

Not every job is as simple as replacing a few bricks. If your home is being damaged by the elements penetrating through the walls, you may have a serious problem on your hands. Insufficient mortar in the joints between the foundational stone and brick of your home can result in water damage, rodent problems, and even damage to the structural integrity of your home.

Why would you need a brick repair?

With time, erosion to exposed brick can cause them to lose their strength. Chips, cracks, even holes, they may seem innocuous, but they can lead to big problems. You don’t want your home in this condition.
masonry repair
Take a look at these “before” images, to get an idea of the kind damage that can occur over time.

brick masons”brick
masonry repairs

If you are looking for masonry repair in the Austin area, we’ve got you covered.

Austin drainage has been serving the austin area for 10+ years, with very high standards. Contact us at (512)453-4932 For any of the following:

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  • Brick Repair Inspections

Why You Should Repair Masonry Immediately

It can be unsafe to wait too long to repair brick or masonry. When it comes to stone, the sooner you have it fixed, the better. Waiting until enough damage accrues to warrant calling someone over to inspect it, might end you up without a safe place to live while the repairs are being made.

The foundation of your home is what keeps it sturdy and above ground. If the stone or masonry gets compromised, or is built improperly to begin with, you may just lose your entire investment. Always have an inspector take a look at the masonry and offer any masonry repair recommendations. The difference between excellent, and poor masonry can sometime be overlooked, as a large portion of the work is underground, but take a look at the examples below to see the difference between a good job and a bad one.

bad brick masonrygood brick masonry
screwed up foundationgood foundation

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Learn to repair brick masonry to take on small jobs around your home

Some small jobs around the home can be handled on your own. The feeling of accomplishment at correcting an aesthetic fault in your stairway, or filling in a gap in a piece of masonry that has eroded over time, is totally worth the time.

Before you begin repairing masonry you should:
  • have the right tools for the job
  • take the time to learn the proper methods
  • stay safe with glasses and gloves

Masonry Repair Can Be Fun

Taking on these little projects might take you back to shop or pottery class you took years back, where some of the principles are still relevant.

How a Basic Concrete Masonry Repair Works

Lets say you have a solid concrete substrate and a chunk of it has been damaged, maybe by falling debris, or just by time and weathering. The first thing you’ll need to do is saturate the substrate with water, then remove the excess so that there is no pooling of liquid. This helps the bonding process.

The next step is to create a slurry or bonding paste from your patching material, just add a little more water to this batch and stir it up until its about toothpaste consistency. Apply that at a 1/16 inch thickness onto the entire damaged area

Now you are ready to start filling in the missing material, always remember to spread the material away from the open air and toward the substrate, and press it down as you go to compact the patching material and make sure that it bonds correctly. Use more material than is necessary to make a rough sturdy filling and clean off any excess. Now you wait.

The last step, once the patch has dried for a short while, is to remove the excess and level it off with the substrate. This will also be your last opportunity to match the texture and shape of the substrate so the patch is seamless, take your time with this step. After you are done, leave it to dry, and it’s done.

The final Result:

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