A retaining wall is a landscape construction composed of rocks, concrete blocks, or other materials that helps to retain the soil behind it. Although retaining walls are usually erected for functional purposes, they can add to your property’s aesthetic when ideally incorporated with your current landscape design. If you’re unsure about adding a retaining wall to your property, below are reasons why it’s an excellent property addition.

Limits Flooding

Retaining wall installations can direct drainage in your yard properly. Water from rainfall, the sprinkler system, hose, and other sources mustn’t run back towards the home, protecting the foundation from water damage and other structural issues. To help divert the water, a drain can be built at the foot of the retaining wall.

Enhances Property Value

Adding a customized garden retaining wall can increase the overall appearance and property value. It is a simple and practical approach to bringing diversity to your living area. If you intend to sell your home in the future, this landscaping feature will give you an advantage over competing properties.

Checks Soil Erosion

Rain and wind are natural causes of soil erosion. Left untreated, this could create problems such as water flowing towards the home, deteriorating ground structure, blocked regions due to rocks and soil, and more. A retaining wall holds soil in place, making eroding difficult.

Requires Low Maintenance

Garden retaining wall installations are a fantastic investment in landscaping projects. According to Angi, your retaining wall could endure up to 20 years if properly maintained. They are built using tough materials and can withstand extreme weather conditions. You can save money and time since you do not have to repair or replace your wall. Furthermore, they require relatively little maintenance.

Provides a Lifestyle Boost

Retaining wall installations can improve your lifestyle and exterior living area in numerous ways. It can create zones for entertainment in your yard, such as creating a patio and outdoor kitchen in one area while the kids and pets play on the grass. If you like gardening, a retaining wall can be used to create a great tiered space for growing fruits and flowers.

Helps to Create and Maximize Space

If your land is highly sloping, you may have difficulty utilizing it to its maximum potential. Nobody wants to throw a backyard BBQ or a football game on a massive hill. A retaining wall can be used to create a new flat space on your land that was not previously present. You can utilize this extra space in any way you see fit.

A retaining wall is a smart investment because it can improve your property and lifestyle in the many ways highlighted above. If you’re looking for a landscape development company you can trust, contact Austin Drainage and Landscape Development today.