When it comes to landscape design, Austin home and business owners often ask us what advice we have for people who are just beginning their landscaping journey. We suggest the following:

Begin With a Plan

Our Austin landscaping company feels the first and most important part of any landscape journey is to plan ahead. As a result, we suggest starting with a bird’s eye drawing of your property. This drawing should include all hardscape features like buildings, fences, walls, water features, etc. along with any existing landscape features you intend to keep like trees, shrubs, flowers, etc. Be sure to notate critical buried features like wells, septic systems, and utility lines so you can preserve these when you start digging. Now that you have a “lay of the land”, fill in open areas with desirable items. Be sure to research plants well and plan for their needs accordingly. For example, some require shade, others sun, and some have vast root systems that need to be accounted for.

Create a Wish List

Next, our team suggests creating a wish list that not only satisfies your unique style but also fulfills your goals. For example:

    Are you looking to build a deck?
    Do you have an “ugly” view you want to cover up?
    Are you looking for more privacy?
    Do you want clearer pathways?

When creating your wish list, you’ll want to consider what plants grow well in your area. You’ll also want to review their associated level of maintenance and determine whether you are willing/capable of meeting their demands or if professional assistance is needed.

Hardscape First

Remember that deck or clearer pathways you wanted? Be sure to tackle these larger items first! Once these are complete, you can move on to planting.


Now that you have your plan in hand and have met your hardscape needs, you’re finally ready to plant! Choose a well-lit, convenient time to begin and use good soil.

When it comes to landscape design, Austin has a wealth of inspiration and diversity to draw from. However, if you are looking for some professional help, we are the Austin landscaping company for the job. With more than 35-years’ experience, we have the knowledge, skill, and expertise to help you create a beautiful outdoor space.

Our dedicated team of landscape designers can easily turn your vision into a reality or make suggestions to transform your outdoor space into a real oasis that can be enjoyed for years to come.

For more information or to schedule a free estimate for landscape design, Austin locals please give us a call at (512) 453-4932 or fill out our contact form.