A landscape for kids must keep children’s front yard and back yard activities in mind. You can have a decorative landscape and include recreational activity space. Below are some ideas for how landscape contractors can include areas designated for recreational activity for children.

Kid Friendly Garden

With a gardening area, teach children all about gardening in your own yard. Keep it as simple as watering and weed removal. Gardening is a great family activity to spend time bonding together. How about learning the skills of taking care of plants? We can use gardening to take care of animals too, like the butterfly. Educate your kids on becoming a responsible individual through care taking. Plant a flowerbed or use small pots to grow flowers in a designated area.Landscape Installation

Playground for Children

Having a playground area helps on many levels. Designate a playground area. Have an area lined off to keep toys and boundaries for play activities. Find out if your child has a love of nature. Do they spend more time in the gardening area than the playground area. You can also have a watchful eye on your kids while gardening yourself.

When you work with landscape contractors, you can let them know to incorporate landscape features to be used by the kids. A rock wall might double as an out of bounds marker. A landscape for kids doesn’t have to be boring. Get creative and add all kinds of patio and fence options. Instead of lining off a soccer field use rock walls and dry creeks.

Talk to a professional landscape designer about your children’s current sports activity interest. Don’t forget to think ahead though. It could be that you want more or less open space in the future. Some times you need open spaces for setting up batting cages and nets for golf practice.

You are only limited by you and your landscape contractors imagination. If you need someone to evaluate your landscape in Austin, TX, give us a call at : (512) 453-4932 today. We’ll dream with you.