At Austin Drainage and Landscape Development, customers often ask our Austin retaining wall experts what type of retaining wall is best. From concrete and stone to wood and metal, there are several types to choose from and it can be confusing. So, how do you tell which one is best? The answer is…it all depends!

Each type of retaining wall has its own durability, longevity, aesthetic, and price point. For your convenience our Austin retaining wall specialists have outlined some of the key characteristics of each.


The 4 most common types of retaining walls are:

  • Concrete
  • Metal
  • Limestone
  • Wood

Concrete retaining walls are one of the sturdiest and most popular options due to their long lifespan (roughly 50-100 years) and ability to sustain high amounts of stress.

Metal retaining walls can easily last 40+ years if properly installed and treated, but rust over time. While some appreciate the rust aesthetic it is definitely not for everyone.

Limestone retaining walls are both attractive and sturdy with lifespans similar to concrete. That being said, these walls tend to work best when needs are no more than 3 feet. Otherwise, stability issues can occur.

Wood retaining walls have a great aesthetic appeal and can last up to 20-years if properly treated but often succumb to termites and rot after that period of time. They are a great shorter-term solution, but definitely do not have the longevity of their counterparts.


No matter which type of retaining wall you select, the most important factor is that it is installed correctly. Without proper installation, both longevity and effectiveness are compromised. As a result, our Austin retaining wall experts always suggest hiring a professional.

By utilizing a pro, you can rest easy knowing your investment will not only last but function correctly.

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