Winter was hard on us, and we couldn’t wait for Spring to show us all of the new growth that it yields. But as we plan out our landscaping in Austin, TX plan for the year, we get to Summer. And that begs the question, what are some fresh summer backyard ideas for your yard.


A Few Backyard Ideas

Build Your Dream Treehouse

Every kid dreams of having the cool treehouse on the block. And if you have kids, I’m sure they have the dream of the coolest treehouse on the block as well. Why not make the plans to not only build a treehouse, but to build your dream treehouse.


Heat Up the Backyard with a Firepit

Imagine sitting by the warm fire on the night after a sunny day. Building a warm firepit for your backyard can often be done for under $250. Here is a link to a great guide: Old World Garden Farms


Create an Outdoor Lounge

Think about how neat and cool it would be to hangout with family and friends in your backyard outdoor lounge. When you’re hanging out after a summer grilling session or just on a lazy summer day while reading a book is a great thing to do out in your outdoor lounge. A pretty amazing summer backyard idea if you as us.

Keep Your Backyard Fresh with These Ideas

By being creative, using your imagination and maybe even if you dream a little, some of these summer backyard ideas are just fresh enough for you.


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